SUKRUPA Education Centre


SUKRUPA Education CentreSUKRUPA Education Centre provides high quality formal English medium education for about 425 students from preschool to 10th grade.

The core base of the school program is equal balance of academics, creativity through various arts, music, dance, values, life skills, technology and sports in a clean, friendly and happy environment. Supports the children to Dream Big! focus on education and prepare them to become college graduates. Shaping positively contributing young adults who are globally aware, confident, fiscally independent. personally responsible.

To achieve high quality program SUKRUPA has pledged to impart best of the education and knowledge through experienced, passionate and committed teachers to equip the children with necessary skills to participate confidently in the current global community.

At SUKRUPA Education Centre along with school program, children receive nutritious meals, basic health care, educational and recreational field trips.



SUKRUPA Education Centre follows

•Integrated Nursery and Montessori method for Daycare and Preschool children.
•Karnataka State Syllabus from 1st to 10th grade.

The SUKRUPA curriculum is holistic and prioritized with all the necessary key disciplines:

Academics: SEC follows both innovative and traditional methods. Teachers are trained particularly to create space for children to learn and become creative thinkers. Each subject is taught creatively so that the children understand and remember what they are learning. We equip the children with the best of academics so that they focus on education and become Independent, Responsible and Positive Contributors

Nutrition: Is the key to better body and mind, plays major part of the child’s physical, psychological and intellectual growth. The children are provided with nutritious mid-day meals. This not only helps the child individually but also helps the family, especially if three to four kids are from the same family.

Health and Hygiene: Immediate medical attention is provided when the children fall ill at school. Regular medical check-up is conducted for all the children.

Languages: SEC provides a complete language foundation in English, Kannada, and Hindi. Various clubs are set up to introduce literature related activities to all age groups. The children also learn French and German whenever there is availability of volunteers. Some of our alumni are pursuing their French language in college.

Multi-disciplinary Creative Teaching: Curriculum at SEC is taught through various creative mediums such as fine arts, theater, crafts, music and dance. Quiz, debate and essay programs are conducted periodically. This enhances the child’s interest in learning and helps in understanding and remembering better.

Sports and Fitness: Sports and fitness is emphasized through training in Athletics, Kabaddi, Kho kho, Cricket, Soccer, Badminton, and other games. Keeping them fit and engaged in sports creates a better space for learning and helps them attend school regularly.

Club Activities: SEC encourages students to form Club Activities with the help of teachers. Clubs are formed in Languages, Math, Science, Geography, Sports, Art & History, Organic Gardening, Photography, Movie Making, Crafts, Theater, Dance, Current Affairs, Entrepreneurship, Health & Hygiene, Community Development. Creative Writing, Script Writing, Book Reading & Review,

Through Clubs and Activities student achieves the development of students based on interaction and participation with businesses, outside experts and adult volunteers, many of whom are accomplished business and community leaders in their own right. Sukrupa organizes field trips that helps widen the scope of learning. We have great opportunities for volunteer work in our extra-curricular activities.

Student Eligibility and Parent Involvement

We follow a strict screening process for all admissions. This process begins with home and community visits to affirm economic qualification (for example, that the family is currently considered below poverty line status). The Sukrupa program requires a 14 to 16 year commitment of attendance that begins upon admission to Pre-School. At the time of admission the parent makes an agreement with SUKRUPA to observe all rules and regulations. There is also a commitment required to attend quarterly child development training sessions offered through Sukrupa’s community development programs and to volunteer for half a day per year at the School. Individual counseling is also offered as needed.