Turning Point

Turning Point_2As the families and children from underprivileged background struggle for basic survival, education is not a priority. Even if the child is sent to school, it is very likely majority of them drop out when they are teenagers. This results in girls becoming young mothers at 13 or 14 and boys a burden on family’s meager income or worse.

As we all know, teenage is  the most crucial stage, make or break years of an individual’s life.  

This is the main challenge that SUKRUPA addresses through all its programs for the holistic development from childhood to adolescence.

In addition to regular school programs in academics, creativity, life skills, sports, and technology, SUKRUPA imparts a well designed after-school program for students from age 12 to 17.  

Furthermore, SUKRUPA has introduced a weeklong, transformational residential program that focuses on building life skills among teenagers that unleash their potential in them to become better human beings who are empowered to dream big and achieve goals for themselves and their communities.

Educated to understand themselves and become conscious individuals who are empathetic and compassionate

Inspired to commit to excellence through collaboration and teamwork for collective achievement.

Our trust and belief in them is the key for their better future. We have pledged to help them, support them and share their stories so that they make a positive impact in their lives, their families, communities, and our world at large.