SUKRUPA is a professional, Public Charitable Trust Registered in Bangalore India in 2004, working with the underprivileged community since 2000.

SUKRUPA’s mission is to provide high-quality primary and secondary education to underprivileged children and young adults, giving them the resources to break the cycle of poverty and create stable, sustainable futures.

“SUKRUPA has so far transformed the lives of more than 2,500 children and their families”


Sukrupa_StoryThe journey of SUKRUPA started with passion and purpose to create opportunities through education, for the underprivileged children from the slums of Bangalore. It has grown into stories of hope and success for many children who otherwise wouldn’t have had the means to pursue education.

This spectacular story started way back in 1971, when Krupa was just three.

The Founder, Ms.Krupalatha Martin Dass grew up in a small scale industrial neighborhood Magadi Road in Bangalore, where both men and women worked in steel, silk and incense stick factories. Most of the kids after school just played on the and with no help to guide them with studies or homework, most of the kids would drop out of school with no foreseeable future.

Krupa’s mother taught her to read when she was barely 2yrs of age and by 3 Krupa was able to read and write fluently in Kannada language, this, attracted many neighbors attention which eventually made her mother Smt. Sugunamani to teach children playing on the street after school hours.

When Krupa was in 8th grade, she started teaching 7th grade kids and her brother Sathya who was in 6th grade was teaching 5th grades.
Krupa’s father Mr.Martin Dass a public sector staff during his spare time helped high school failed students to complete education to secure apprenticeship that lead to dignified employment. As a

As a family they always were open to helping the needy in the community.

However, bright young men dropping out of school and smart young women marrying early and eventually getting dejected with no hope was a norm in the community, this profoundly impacted Krupa to promise herself that one day she would help youngsters to realise their dreams and have dignified life.

Krupa went on to become a successful entrepreneur and Sathya a software engineer.

Krupa’s entrepreneurship journey in granite industry led her to have a base in the USA and travel widely. During this time she funded her mother to set up a weekend program for the children from the slums of Anandnagar, Bangalore

Summer of 2002, Krupa was vacationing in Bangalore visiting her family and was planning to buy an apartment. However after spending four weekends with the children at the weekend program that she supported her mom to set up,  her life took a very different turn. She realised the importance of long term involvement in the lives of the children to bring the necessary shift. As her promise, with all her passion to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children, Krupa ended her lucrative career in the United States to set up SUKRUPA  which means “Good Grace” in Sanskrit,  along with her mother  Suguna

Smt Suguna continues to set foundation for the beginner level daycare and pre-school children.

After a year of SUKRUPA’s inception Sathya quit his job in IT industry  to pursue his passion in nurturing the children.

SUKRUPA is creating opportunities for the underprivileged children to fulfil their dreams by nurturing their talents through academics, creativity, sports and life skills.

Krupa, Sathya and their Mother Suguna with all their passion are committed to the cause, along with highly driven trustees, motivated professional administrative team, experienced teachers team, enthusiastic local and international volunteer team and generous donors and supporters.

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